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Wanless Lullaboo
Brampton, Ontario

Location: 756 Wanless Drive
Client: Quadspring Inc.
Completion: 2023
Services Offered: Full Architectural Services

The Wanless Daycare project stands as a remarkable accomplishment for AMB Architects, representing the largest daycare facility in Canada, designed to accommodate more than 360 children. This substantial undertaking features a thoughtfully crafted four-story building, meticulously planned to meet all essential daycare requirements. An integral aspect of our approach is the deliberate emphasis on creating well-lit spaces that offer ease of circulation, seamlessly integrating abundant natural daylight and comfort in movement into our design.

Furthermore, in our pursuit of architectural excellence, the Wanless Daycare project places utmost importance on accessibility and ease of circulation throughout the facility. Every aspect of the design has been carefully considered to ensure that the space is inclusive and welcoming to all children, including those with diverse mobility needs. Thoughtful consideration has been given to the layout, with clear pathways and intuitive navigation, allowing for smooth and unhindered movement within the premises.

Drawing upon AMB Architects' extensive expertise in daycare projects, we are fervently dedicated to fostering a nurturing atmosphere for young learners. By providing an environment that is conducive to exploration, creativity, and social interaction, our design strives to inspire a lifelong love for learning in every child who enters the daycare's doors.

With unwavering passion and architectural expertise, AMB Architects looks forward to delivering a daycare facility that not only meets the highest standards of quality and safety but also becomes a cornerstone of the community, enriching the lives of children and their families for generations to come.

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